A.I.O.C. is a club made up of Iowa and Minnesota animal owners and producers who are concerned with the detrimental effects of coercive legislation, being pushed by animal rights extremists. Their publicly stated goal is to end the keeping and use of all animals, in all areas and capacities, in the United States.

Welfare of animals is of utmost importance to everyone and it is the goal of A.I.O.C. to keep abreast of legislation that is intended to incrementally remove animals from our lives, to post any current Iowa and Minnesota animal legislation as it is presented, and share the reasons it should either be supported or opposed.

   It is our intent through this website and our facebook page to offer facts and disspell the many half truths, fallacies, and innuendos related to how animals are cared for in our state and others.

    We hope to have different folks offer information relating to their particular expertise in the animal industry to help familiarize people who have no exerience in the different areas of animal husbandry with what it's like to raise different types of animals.

    As it says in our logo, animal ownership IS as American as our flag! We would like to keep it that way!
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